Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pugsley Place circa 1865: Lives of Pugsley Place

Step into the frame with me, here, below.

I'm sitting inside the house, now, writing. Come around the family and up the front porch stairs and down the porch to the last window. Look, I'm sitting here, looking out at you.

But you, you're back in 1865, or thereabouts.

There is an entirely different porch on the house. No storm windows. No screens.

It's summer, and times have not changed all that much in the intervening years. Windows open. Curtains gently waving. Flower baskets hanging from the porch. The breeze fluttering the leaves on the trees.

Same house. Same windows. Same rooms. Same doors.
Different trees. Different people.

Still. Step in. Walk about the house with me.

Here we are. Look at us.

We're all still here.

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