Sunday, May 12, 2013

How to Make Wood Window Screens 10: Bug Stop in Action

Long ago, in the dead of winter, in this post about construction, I promised to show pictures of what I've affectionately named the "bug stop" in action. I didn't have any photos then, because the screens weren't in.

Now they are, and I've taken a couple of photos, showing what this piece of wood is designed to do. But first, let me back up and define the problem. If you have cats, you'll understand immediately.

As a temporary measure, I've been using expandable half-screens, which work fine up to a point. Setting aside aesthetic considerations, a not inconsiderable issue, an expandable screen a) does not provide quite enough peace of mind for the cat owner who loves to feed birds in the backyard, and b) cannot prevent bugs from flying up over the screen and down into the window. Many a time, I've come into the bathroom (where this actually quite charming, old expandable screen is installed) to find a moth or other large bug fluttering or zooming around the room.

Personally, my bigger worry is the cats. Phantom, my trusty model, will demonstrate.

The bug stop, however, which you can see clearly here running along the back of the top edge of our original model window screen, completely eliminates that gap between the top of the screen and the window.

Totally foils the cat ... 

... and bugs. With these screens in, I don't see moths or wasps inside the house. I'd claim no flies, but there are, always, flies. Who knows how they get in.

So that's it, folks, the American farmhouse bug stop in action.

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