Friday, September 27, 2013

Where did the well come from? Comparing earlier photos of Pugsley's southeast corner

I've been doing a repair on the southeast corner of the house, which has sustained a bit of moisture damage from the downspout on that corner. Last week, we had new gutters and downspouts installed, and rerouted the downspout away from that corner entirely, because there is an old well up against the house, with a slight hill next to it that brings the level of the ground right up near the siding of the studio addition on the back of the house and just creates a difficult drainage problem no matter how good the downspout is. 

Here's a close-up of the well and garden around it. 

I remembered seeing a photo of the well from an earlier period when a tree was there, and went hunting  up old photos of that corner of the house. Here's the well with the tree. This kind of square photo with rounded corners is probably 1970's vintage or so.

And I, of course, along with everyone else, has assumed that the well was there before the house, or is at least contemporary with the house and dug before the studio addition, because it is smack up against the addition -- not an ideal location.

But, lo and behold, in a photo that looks to date from the early 20th century, there appears to be no well! Is there a well there without the two-foot high stone wall or curb around it? I really can't tell.

Just for comparison purposes, here is an even earlier photo, from a time before the road along the south side of the house was there, or perhaps the road is there but not paved. Unfortunately, the angle is such that you can't see the well area.

And, here we are again today. Well, did that well come from? Another Pugsley mystery.

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