Monday, January 21, 2013

Done! (Gotcha -- not nearly done): Bathroom Renovation Project 25

I have been terribly, terribly remiss in not finishing up my posts on the bathroom renovation. Part of that is because we had to shift gears and dive into the porch column base replacement project, the minute Dan pulled out of the drive, to try to get that done before the snow flew (or, in this case, the hurricane blew), and glad I am, in retrospect, that we did so. 

But, even so, the bathroom finish has had a long, long, long, long, dare I write one more time, long ... tail. The job that is never done, um, the job that Sherry never finishes ... is the real story here. I am writing in January, end of January to be precise, and still, the paint job is not finished. The plaster finish coat had to cure, and ... and ... and ... I won't bore you with my excuses and burnout stories. So, without more ado, the photos from the very last day on the job with Dan.

So, where did we leave off? Oh right, here, one awful long day that lasted until 4 in the morning, Dan carting me around the entire house in the middle of the night to learn about the hot water heating system, and to bleed the radiator that he re-set in the bathroom. We both sleep maybe 3 hours and are back up. Maybe Dan was up before me, because my first shot is of the finished curtain ring, now up, well, half-way up:

The medicine cabinet, fully installed, still waiting for the towel ring.

And now, the curtain ring, fully up. You can see the one ceiling rod that has a pivot on it (in this photo, the furthest to the right), which allows us to install it on the slanted ceiling.

It's hard to get the whole tub and shower assembly in one shot, even backed into the furthest reaches of the opposite corner, but here's my best attempt:

And, through the door, from the side:

A flurry of putting up of towel bars, towel rings and toilet tissue rings, of which there are no photos from the time. Then, the room is done, to put the door back (original to the house), the bottom has to be shaved off, to fit over the new, higher tile floor:

Dan puts the railings back on the stairs and we're "done" (only later do I realize that we are hardly "done" at all, but set that aside for one moment and CELEBRATE with us!!).  Dan is one happy man about to go and make his youngest daughter happy that he made it home for her birthday.

The cat is happy for a new playpen, 

... but not willing to take this newfound play thing to extraordinary lengths and actually test it out. Capel takes pity on her and tries it out instead.   



  1. Renovation is a long process. Good thing my contractor advice me from the start because it nearly put me to berserk mode that it took 3 months for my kitchen to be done. Anyway, I love the circular design of your shower curtain. Very chic! But I think your cat loves it more than I do. =) How was the renovation, by the way?

    ==Kip Whitehead

    1. Kip - I think it was a pretty painless process, the renovation. But then it was 2 weeks, not 3 months! And we're so much happier with the new room than the old. It's amazing what a chance re-doing a room can make.

      Thanks for reading! Sherry