Friday, January 25, 2013

Welcome to my world: Bathroom Renovation Project 27

We are nearly finished, truly. If you have not been following, the beginning of this project can be found here, the day the bathtub arrived. If you have been following and need a refresher, the last post on the bathroom renovation is here.

Nearly everything is painted, except the plaster walls and ceiling. It's a room again.

A bathroom, even. With a sink ...

A toilet ...

And a tub. Yay!

So here we are at the door, looking in. Don't mind that pesky piece of trim in the corner that I keep forgetting to prime.

The trimmed out new/old window ... filled and sanded to within an inch of its life by yours truly, by hand, looks positively spiffy. (I have not included a photo of the literally 15 different hand sanding blocks I tried out while sanding down the wood filler, mostly because I was too tired to think of taking one at the time.) 

Thank you, Dan, for taking the time to save my window. You were one of the few people willing to see my little vision. 

The sill, which literally took two entire days of sanding and re-filling and sanding again, shiny and smooth.

Looks like new, yet retains its character. I didn't paint the actual windows or muntins, just the part of the frame we trimmed out. 

Oh, and I forgot to mention the three trips to Benjamin Moore, on the final one of which I had to (almost) stamp my foot to get the color matched exactly to the existing trim. The very young salesman says plaintively, "but, ma'am it can't be perfect." "Yes it can," I say, fairly calmly. "I expect it to be perfect." 

And perfect it is. (Though I do still have to pull apart the storm window, and sand, reglaze and paint that. Not looking forward to that one right this minute.) Any way.

The floor ... made by  Dan Brennan.

And honestly, I think the rest speaks for itself. Even the little fishes.

Yay! Yay Yay!


  1. What a lovely bathroom! I like the all white concept of this bathroom design. The touch of cream color is beautiful too. I particularly love the tub with fish stickers (are they stickers?). Your kids will enjoy playing there while taking a bath. Since the room is spacious, why don’t you add a chair? You can further make good use of the entire space.
    ***Lida Swisher

    1. Dear Lida - Thanks for reading and for your comment. Actually, we left space for two small free-standing cabinets that we'll hunt for in estate sales, antique-y and second-hand, flea market shops. Still to be done ... The fish stickers are non-skid removable bath decals from Bed Bath and Beyond. Sherry

    2. What a amazing bathroom design. I'm really very impressed by that bathroom design. Bathtub and floor tiles are good to see and use. Seriously I want to try this bathroom design Sydney for my bathroom renovation.

  2. It came into a great piece of renovation! I loved the bath tube too much and thinking to have the same for me. I am gonna need a plumber to have boiler repair for renovation of my bathroom. I hope I could get the same as yours.

    1. Thank you Ann, and Aiken too. I really wasn't sure at first. I knew I loved the look, but I grew up with the rectangular tub and tile surround shower, and I just wasn't sure. But I am totally sold now. My husband and I both love to take a bath in this tub. It is amazingly relaxing. And the shower works--it feels more roomy than I would have thought. The only downside is that the bottom of the tub is not as large or as flat as a modern tub and tile surround, and so the fish decals are essential to not slipping when showering. The important thing, though, is to find what you love! Thanks for your comments. Sherry

  3. LOL at the little fishes! Anyway, these little details make your bathroom unique and stand out from other bathrooms. I love the clean look the white paint exudes; the cream color made it more homey. And that space would fittingly house cabinets for your toiletries. Good going! Roland Duffer

    1. Thank you! People seem to like the white paint with cream trim. It was almost accidental. The window and door were cream to start with and the rest of the upstairs trim is the same color, so I didn't want to change that, but I didn't want the beadboard to be cream, so we worked hard to match the cream for the baseboard and find a white shade that seemed to us to look good together with the cream for the rest of the room. Sherry

  4. Hello,
    Where did you find the shower fixtures?