Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day I've lost track: Bathroom Renovation Project 16 - Electrical and plumbing

We took a day off over the weekend and things slowed down a bit. Progress in this slow middle is less visible, and I've even lost track of the "day" of the project we're in now. But over the past couple of days, the focus has been electrical and plumbing. Not much to show for it, but here are a few photos:

New plumbing in the chase below the bathroom. Elegant.

New plumbing in the basement, in photos above and below. The new pipes obvious.

New electrical in the floor, running across from the chase to the sink wall, where the sconces and outlets are now all in place

All the new electrical is also in the west wall, ready for the switches to be installed after the beadboard is hung.

Quitting time.

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