Friday, October 5, 2012

March to the finish: Bathroom Renovation Project 20

We've been waiting for the plumbing inspection, and today is the day. I figure I'd better snap any last shots underneath the floor, as the subfloor is all ready to go down the second the inspector leaves. 

In the shot below, you can see how the joists have been topped up with 2x4s to make the floor somewhat more level. The toppers on the right are thicker than those on the left, to bring up that NW corner of the room where the tub will sit:

I also take several last shots of the plumbing, partly because it's so pretty and partly for future reference.

Then I go off to work on my own day job downstairs while Dan starts hanging beadboard on the walls.

Every time I come up, he's got a little more done. Until, one time I come up, and he's not only got the beadboard on the exterior wall, he's removed the trim from the window. I wanted to see that, but someone's got to work around here.

 Finally the inspector came, and then went, and immediately the floor went down and Dan spent most of the rest of the day piecing out the floor.

Here you can see the most intricate corner:

Then he finished the leveling by floating the floor along south wall with a layer of this grey stuff. I'll have to ask him exactly what it is. By this point, it was late and dark. Dan was well and sick with a cold. Everyone was getting some sort of cold. But this was nothing compared to the next day . . .

Last, by this point, late at night he finished putting up the beadboard, which I shot the next morning:

The room is really starting to take shape.

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