Friday, September 28, 2012

Day Two: Bathroom Renovation Project 9 - Can we date this thing?

In the demo, we found newspapers in two places. Exciting -- at first. Is there a date? Will it date some of the work on the house, maybe even the original construction, we wonder? So, yes, and no.

Here is an interesting use of newspaper wadded up to plug a knothole in the baseboard. Very curious.  Not totally surprising use of newspaper. I'll bet the mouse was disappointed.

I carefully unwadded it and alas while there is a date in one of the bits--it's 1946. So this was a late mend. Still cool.

Pieces of a newspaper found under the floor. Again, tho old, not contemporary to the original construction. A close-up look shows several dates in an obituary, the latest of which is 1910.

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